Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More photos from THE SUNS 220 NSW Tour

Here's a couple of pics with loyal SUNRockers who travelled over two hours to catch our show. They are perhaps one of the nicest bunch we've ever had to know. They made our night by causing a riot in Wollongong... and by drinking themselves silly!

We climbed the skyscrapers of Sydney for this pic!

Goddammit that's huge!

They manufacture Malboro cigarettes in this building!

Crusin' on a bout we rented for 50 bucks with the opera house in da background.

Here's how we woke up our soundguy Rajiv every morning in his hotel room on tour.
1st prize goes to the person who guesses the butt!

The SUNS doing the toursit thing posing with the world famous Sydney harbour bridge.