Saturday, November 05, 2005

The SUNBURN Effect

This is sound general Rajiv 'piss off me" naidu reporting direct live from behind the mixing desks of Sydney. Its currently 1.53 am on Sunday morning coming off another venomus SUNS show which was at Bizzo's tonight.

First off, I start from the beginning, that being Wednesday the 2nd... the ride was an absolute bastard. Four nutballs in an already packed van does not make for a very comfortable ride but hey, who ever said touring was easy? So yeah, we made it eventually in good time. I must say from my second impression of Sydney (the first being was when I was 8 and all I remember was this big ass hot dog I ate and these bastard flies... well the flies are still around, have yet to find that dog yet) It was hot, humid and being a human being who is incredible susceptible to heat I went apeshit!!!!

But on to better things we were greeted by the warm and accomadating Boon, who is the SUNS Sydney tour manager,and might I add an amazing intergalactic demonic metal bass thumper... that's right kids be very afraid! Dubbed Boon Scott or Ozzy Osboon, this supreme human being has been a great friend and host to the entire tribe from day one and has been looking after us over here.

Our first show here was at the Metro Nightclub. The venue was clean, classy and full of attitude perfect for a rock show. On one side of the ring we had Wolfmother playing a headline show at the main room and on the other side we had the mighty SUNS, and what can I say, I know for a fact my boys blew everyones boobs and asses that were present, hell I've been with these guys from day one and till today they still give me messy internal diarrhoea every fucking time!!! We made some cool new friends who dug the show and pledged their allegiance to the rising SUNS!

Next stop was The Harp, and that gig went off as always, kind of makes you wonder which bloody SUNS show doesn't??? Do they ever have a bad a day??? Bastards!!! Following that was a show at the mighty Empire Hotel, now this show I must say, put a big smile on my face!!!! One, being the self professed womaniser that I am, ahem, I was so happy to see some absolutley bootiful women there. I was just so motivated to make the SUNS sound mightier than ever in the hope that some lovely fair maiden may take notice of me. I think I speak for all the knob fiddlers out there when I say we are so under appreciated by the ladies, boo hoo hoo!!

Secondly the house engineer that was working the night was an absolute relic who beared a striking resemblance to Art Garfunkel and probably had pudding stuck up his ears because he apparently had no clue what to do with the bands that payed that night. And on top of that in between band change overs he was playing some wierd hickory dickory folk music!!! Now who in their right mind would play that in a room full of tattoed punks and misfits!!! go figure!!! still hats off to the lads for the courage to stick through it all!!!! And then my boys came, played and conquered!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which brings us to tonight. Now tonight's venue was absolutely cool, big spacious and once again it came with a complimetary sound duhduhzoid!!!! But still I must exend my thanks to the kind and lovely bar maid that served me beer the whole night. Do I even need to repeat my self at this point again... sigh... alright, yeah they did it again, they played their absolute best and got the best out of the crowd. ohh and might i add also that there were some absolutely bootiful ladies in the crowd tonight... ahem but yeah back to the SUNS... hahahahah!!!!! ( oh and check out the photo of the virgin crowd of SUNRocker converts! )

But you know, these last few days i've come to notice a strange effect THE SUNS have on people. I call it THE SUNBURN EFFECT. Every time these magnificent gentlemen step onstage, they have this uncanny ability of drawing each and every one present, right to the front, shake their bum bum and then just as they walk ofstage they manage to take that crowd with them, giving any band playing after them a serious case of SUNBURN!!!! Its venomous and its contagious!!!!!

All I can say is I've never met a more down to earth, hardworking, fun and most of all incredibly talented bunch of guys, I'm abolutely blessed to know these guys and incredibly honoured to be a part of this magical rollercoaster ride. And to each and every SUNS fan out there you are a big part of this journey. This is your sound general Rajiv "piss off me" Naidu signing off with tired eyes...

God bless y'all and remember to say hi to me next time


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