Thursday, November 03, 2005

San Singer Forced to Samba on the Dancefloor!


We're in Sydney and it's fuckin' hot in here! We arrived yesterday afternoon just past lunchtime. Somehow we navigated the huge city without a map. We had to locate beloved tour manager Boon Scott who was waiting at armpitt st to hand us the keys to his house. We're crashing at his place ya see... It's such a cool joint. The suburb is actually called Bevrly Hills!!! And we got a gym, spa, pool and sauna. Pretty damm sweet if ya asked me! Anyway,we finally found Boon and he was drunk of his face cos it was his last day at work and he "didn't give a shit" anymore.

Finally, after baking in Sydney traffic jams we got home and all of us just crashed from exhaustion! We woke up soon after. Rajiv, Wayne and I didn't get much sleep cos JBoss was snooring louder than his t-bird lab systems bass combo. So we went to the Metro still exhausted. But after loading up all our gear over a super long flight of stairs we met up with JBoss's cousin and headed for dinner. Chinatown here is huge! And the food is definitely better than Melbourne. And cheaper as well! I had a killer tom yam soup and that cleared up my nose and warmed up my throat. Soon after we rushed back to Metro, just in time to get onstage to rock the house.

Metro's a real swanky club. The sound system there is awesome. We played at the transit lounge. Which is kinda like the public bar at the espy but bigger. Then main room is about the size of Gershwin. Would ya believe it? WOLFMOTHER we're headlining the show in the main room. These blokes sold out TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW on a WEEKDAY!!! Much respect goes to them and well deserved success. I really admire them for what they have achieved ( I love three piece bands ). Too bad we didn't get a chance to catch them live, the show was so sold out that punters had to stand near the entrance where they couldn't even see the stage... but they still went in anyway!

In the transit lounge we had about 50 payers. Most of them weren't there to see us but halfway through our set, we had everyone one clapping and cheering along. Even the fellas that were playing pool stopped their game to check us out. We won over a fair bit of Sydney rockers and managed to move a fait bit of eps and sell about a 100 bucks of merch. We only made 46 bucks at the door tho. But fuck it we had fun!

I suppose the highlight of the night happened when this drunk Indian grandma danced into the room and set her sights on me! I was standing there minding my own business when suddely outta no where, this grandma grabs me and pulls me onto the dancefloor and starts trying to samba with me. And all this shit was going on while an EMO band was rockin' onstage! I felt like really embarassed cos I can't fucking dance, but i didn't wanna hurt her feelings so I danced with her. But she wouldn't stop dude. In the end when the song finally ended I got the fuck out! All the guys in the band were laughing at me, those bastards... The lady then proceeded to hunt down another Indian guy. Some fella with dreadlocks called Andrew was next. For the rest of the night JBoss and I were trying to 'sabo' our mixer Rajiv. I had him in a elbow lock, pulled his ass and tried to shove him infront of the lady. But he is one strong fella and he went screaming like a banshee into the guys toilet!

So now its about 4pm the next day and i think and we've got about two hours to go before we head down to the Harp for our next show. Our tour manager Boon Scott is cooking up a storm curry for us. Rajiv is fantasising about Sydney girls ("Eh San, I want to kena some Sydney girl") but when I introduced him to the drunk auntie last night, he went running into the toilet. Wayne is fast asleep and concusted. JBoss is playing Prince of Persia on the playstation and I've gotta go. We're trying to organise a guestlist for Smithtown Riot who are nice enough to come for our show tonight. But the booker gave us the wrong number! Ah well... this is rock'n'roll.

See ya next time baby.

San Singer


Blogger black llucii said...

Hey, we want some pictures, man! Pictures, pictures! Give us some pictures!!!

7:13 PM  
Blogger black llucii said...

and what's the dilly with survey above? Btw, Rajiv, go kena the aunty leh! Then write a long juicy column and call it "Sexcapades with the Gungho Granny"! heheheh! ;P

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just wanna tell you guys..
singapore still loves your music..

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

come back to singapura man..we miss ur rock n roll music..n maybe u could make something like a KISS rock show wen u had success in aust..with all the pyro,fire n all that shit...fuck the police!!

7:04 PM  
Blogger black llucii said...

ditto, man, ditto!!

4:22 AM  
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