Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Nyets and the sound of Puh-Too!

This whole week has been filled with spectacular highs and large doses of boredom leaving few of us supremely spastic...

Tuesday night was a show at the Spectrum nightclub. It was part of the Jaeger Uprising showcase and the third one The SUNS have played. The night started off well with The Wireflies taking me to orbit and back with their psychedelic porn rock! Evil Eye were next up and they obviously owned the crowd! Energetic and full of clichéd rock moves they played an entertaining set (provided you were into dull comedy). By the time The SUNS took the stage half the crowd had left the venue leaving just a handful of bootiful virgin listeners for the boys to deflower!!!

What was to follow next was about the most bizarre reaction the band has ever had. The audience had suddenly mutated into a bunch of duhduhzoids!!!! Now there's probably a good explanation for this, so if you can think of one then please do me a favor and let me know. Never in my whole life in this industry have I ever witnessed a more dead crowd! Hell for second I thought the barmaid had fed me stale beer and I was now in the twilight zone! But reality set in and it was clear the crowds wasn't going to change their minds. My only explanation is that they weren't really music fans and just friends of the bands that had already played. But hey, I still give 'em 10 points for sticking around and giving us an applause that was loud enough to mask my farting (and I was farting a lot that night from my Subway sandwhich).

The rest of the week was all about killing time. San Singer and I came up with a new language to speak to each other in and also talked about making it into a short film titled "The Nyets" (Due to be released in Winter 2006). It's basically a story of two Indians who speak in the language of Nyet. The language consists of one word - "NYET". Mixed together with 1 part melodrama bollywood style and two parts emotion it just sounds like a whole bunch of shit!

See what life on the road is like? Now we've also managed to ass another word into the vocab of the Nyet, and that's "Puh-TOOOO". The story behind this word is very close to home for me... when I was around oh... say maybe 8 or 9, I used to share a bed with my bro and he was one twisted fire farter! So one night when I was sleeping I was awoken by this polyphonic fart that sounded like - PUH-TOOOO! So there you have it. Next time you guys come on down to a SUNSs show and San Singer is going Nyet or Puh tooo on the mic during sound check, you'll know what its all about... getcha pull on that one!!!z

Click HEAR of a preview mp3 sample from an upcoming episode of The Nyets

Friday was a big show at the awesomely awesome Marquee club supporting The Queers on their Australian tour. Another bonus was that we were supporting our fellow brothers from Melbourne, the mighty Mach Pelican!!!! Wollongong band Hytest rounded out the rest of the bill!!

The Suns opened up the show and I gotta say it was truly excellent, the sound rocked and we had the best light show ever too!!!! No disrespect to our brother Krish who usually handles the lightning for the Suns!! But this was full on fire in the sky shit!!! We had everything except the pyro!!!!! Hytest followed and from the minute we arrived they were really friendly to us. So I was really interested to check them out and they rocked hard!!! And then came those Japanese ninja's in leather jackets!!! And what can I say about Mach Pelican that hasn't already been said!!!!! I definitely lost my head at the front of the stage slamming with SAN!!! The next band I'm about to talk about played approximately 30 songs non-stop, back to back, and they had no setlist and they're Mach Pelicans biggest influence!!! I'm talking of course about The Queers!!! Apart from the fact that they were such great guys their set was punishing and relentless and definitely left a scar on my left frontal lobe!!!

The rest of the night consisted of drinking, admiring the lovely barmaid, playing pool with Atsu from Mach Pelican and I even remember mooning my black ass on a couple of occasions. Also to Lemar, the minister of sound working at the Marquee... thank you for being the coolest sound guy I've ever come across! And to those three lovely people I met that night, ya'll have been the nicest Sydney-siders I've met so far... and to the blonde girl with lovely blue eyes, you rock!!!!

Saturday night was party night and our tour manager Boon Scott took Wayne Thunder and myself to a karaoke bar, where we proceeded to get drunk with a few other friends and sing Chinese canto pop songs!!! The highlight of that session would have to be when Boon sang lead on "Easy" with Wayne and I doing the backing "ahhhs" and even managed harmony in our drunken state!!!! But enough was enough so Wayne and I decided to check out the "bootiful women" of Sydney but first. I had to have my hot dog and I did - two actually!!! From Harry's hotdogs somewhere in the city!!!!!

After about an hour of walking around aimlessly we got a call from Ozzy Osboon saying it was time to head back, so we caught up with the rest of the drunken crew and found San lurking in the shadows. Apparently he had been called in to drive us all back cos he was the only sober person around. So all in all I suppose it has been a great week. I can't complain, I mean what could be better than hanging out with a bunch of good friends playing music, getting drunk and enjoying the comedy that is life!!!!

So till next time, this is sound general Rajiv "Nyet" Naidu saying get your ass out there and support the local bands and don’t forget to say hi to me next time!!!


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Blogger black llucii said...

I say Nyet Naidu & The Suns should consider cutting an album of Ah Beng anthems. It will Lock ah!!!

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You failed to mention the mutants at "hurts"ville =)

5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oei! go to
watch the video that nelson did for u guys for ballad of tabitha ages ago. laters!

9:02 PM  

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